Congruency in Week 10

Congruency of Great Minds Haanel’s wisdom and the Blueprint Builder are in complete congruency this week. Together they let us know that all we desire will burst forth, blossom and grow if we use positive, concentrated thought to connect to the Universal Mind. The introduction to Part 10 emphasized the idea that thought is the cause […]

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Visualization = Growth: Week 9

Building a New Me with the Law of Growth Reading and studying weeks 7 and 8 in Haanel were critical to my  understanding the power of idealization and visualization by concentrating our thoughts on the things we desire. It’s by clearly and continually visualizing the end result that we will see the manifestation of those desires. Put no mental […]

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bad habits good habits

Old Habits Die Hard: Week 8

I have to admit some days in this week have been a struggle for me. Old habits were rearing their ugly heads, and saying to me “Aw come on – do you really want to change me? Haven’t I been fun?” Or, as Jimmy Buffet sings, “I’ve got this bank of bad habits in a […]

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