Lifestyle Tips from an Artist: Master Key Week 23

Lifestyle Tips for Art and Life I’ve been painting with watercolours for several years, having a wonderful and fun time with this art. I’m still learning –  when do we ever stop learning? Yesterday I was at my first art class of the spring session. We have a repeating group of around twelve to fifteen […]

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mastery through meditation

Mastery Through Meditation: MKE Week 22B

  Gaining Mastery Through Meditation Many things we experience on a daily basis are beyond our control. But once we decide to take responsibility for how we think and react to them – we can change them for the better. Mastery through meditation is the key. This month we’ve moved to Scroll Six – “Today […]

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emotional rollercoaster

Emotional Rollercoaster: MKE Week 22

This past month has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. Ups and downs, ins and outs, and sometimes feeling completely upside down were the norm. Questions, questions – I seem to be questioning everything I believed was true. Why? Could it be that my birthday is coming up, and I’ve realized I’m entering what’s likely […]

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Imagination Leads to Creation: MKE Week 21

Imagination is the Beginning of Creation Imagination is my word for this week of the Franklin Makeover. I’m a voracious reader and love reading books that take me to other worlds, to share the hopes, joys, emotions and trials of imagined people. I’ve long been a fan of fantasy novels; perhaps because they always take […]

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believe and achieve

Love the Idea that Grabs You: Week 20 MKE

I recently added the Momentum app to my desktop. It greets me each morning as I log in to Chrome with a cheery, “Good morning, Nicki”. Just below that greeting is a reminder to enter my main goal for the day. To the bottom right is a spot to enter my ‘to do list’, customizable for […]

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Power of Thought = Power to Change: MKE Week 19

Getting On Course with the Power of Thought Two questions were front and center every time I flipped through my stacks of cards over the past two weeks. What am I pretending not to know? What would the person I intend to become do next? The first question was answered eloquently in a post by […]

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Questions and Answers: Week 18 MKE

Questions and More Questions This week, I’ve asked myself some questions over and over. What would the person I intend to become do next? In trying to find answers to that question, more questions arise: What am I pretending not to know? Who is the person I intend to become? The entire Master Key experience is a […]

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