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Love the Idea that Grabs You: Week 20 MKE

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I recently added the Momentum app to my desktop.

It greets me each morning as I log in to Chrome with a cheery, “Good morning, Nicki”.

Just below that greeting is a reminder to enter my main goal for the day. To the bottom right is a spot to enter my ‘to do list’, customizable for each day, and a box to check each off as it is completed. This useful app is an idea someone had to help people keep on track. He developed it and shares it with people like me who find it useful and fun.

It’s an idea I’ve fallen in love with!

And always, a new and striking photo background fills my screen. Today a chilly and drab winter scene from China, showing a network of terraced hillsides fills my screen.

love the idea

Each hillside is much too steep for conventional agriculture. But eons ago a farmer or a landowner had the idea that if he could somehow make a stepped series of rice fields, then there would be no limit to what could be grown. A thought brought to fruition, benefitting all those who live and farm in such forbidding terrain.

Love the idea that grabs you…

A short quotation is always at the very bottom of each daily Momentum page.  I appreciate and love the idea that’s shared. Today it reads:

Life challenges us all with our own steep hillsides, our own setbacks, our own inner parrot voice. The voice that says,‘It is impossible, it’s too hard, you’re not good enough or smart enough or you don’t have the time or the money for that.”

What I’m internalizing each time I read this week’s Haanel Lesson is the truth of this quotation by Gandhi. My thinking in the past created the circumstances and results in my life.

At times my thoughts were positive and the results very creative. At other times my thoughts led me down paths of darkness. I did not understand back then that I had the power within me to create, but I needed to learn how to use it.

I was constantly and often unconsciously, creating.  Sometimes with wonderful results, and at other times with results that were painful and unhappy because of my thoughts.


Thought Plus Emotion: fall in love

Week 20 of the Master Keys has been a crucial one for my understanding of this power I have within me.

Haanel says in 20:8:

“When you begin to perceive that the essence of the Universal is within yourself — is you — you begin to do things; you begin to feel your power; it is the fuel which fires the imagination; which lights the torch of inspiration; which gives vitality to thought; which enables you to connect with all the invisible forces of the Universe. It is this power which will enable you to plan fearlessly, to execute masterfully.”

He continues, in Part 13:

By the help of this power you can confidently undertake things that are seemingly impossible, because this power is the secret of all inspiration, all genius.

Each morning I set my goal for the day, decide on the ‘to do’ steps that will help me accomplish it. With the help of the Momentum app,  and the help of all I am learning here in the MKE, I know I have the power to accomplish my goals.  As a result, I can become whatever I decide upon and desire.

Finally, one last section within Lesson 20 completes the week’s lesson: to love the idea that grabs me, and it is also a lesson that Mark has repeated over and over to us. Here it is:

“An understanding of these facts, first intellectually and then emotionally, will enable us to drink deeply from this ocean of infinite power. An intellectual understanding will be of no assistance; the emotions must be brought into action; thought without feeling is cold. The required combination is thought and feeling.”

Do you understand your power?

Learn to love the idea and the dream that inspires you, embrace it, and consciously live it with each breath you take, and you will own it.


Nicolette Goff


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Terry Neraasen says February 17, 2017

Great tip Nicki! I’ll find and get Momentum, in more ways than one. Your post is inspirational. Week 20 is a pivotal one for me too, not only the Lesson itself, but the associated webinar. Your posts are always so thoughtful and though provoking.

    Nicki says February 17, 2017

    Yes, I always look forward to the new part of the world Momentum is sharing each day. Beautiful Thai beach today!

Debbie Daniels says February 17, 2017

Wow! I think I’ll download that Momentum app! Sounds just like something I need. Thanks for sharing! Love your post!

    Nicki says February 17, 2017

    Thanks for reading, Debbie. It does keep me on the right track!

Brenda Buck says February 18, 2017

I am going to check into Momentum as well. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    Nicki says February 18, 2017

    Thanks for reading, Brenda. This week was a game changer for me. Love it!

Rob Dunn says February 19, 2017

WOW! I love the idea of loving the ideal I am visualizing. I needed to hear you say this because I’ve been more or less ‘intellectualizing’ my DMP; you are teaching me to just let go and fall head-over-heels in rapturous love with it. OMG!

    Nicki says February 20, 2017

    Thanks for reading, Rob. Falling in love with it brought me so much closer to my ideal as I visualized. Happy to know it hit you the same way!

Elizabeth Kosydar says February 21, 2017

This is my first visit to your page, and I am greatly inspired by your writings!

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