Power of Thought = Power to Change: MKE Week 19

Getting On Course with the Power of Thought Two questions were front and center every time I flipped through my stacks of cards over the past two weeks. What am I pretending not to know? What would the person I intend to become do next? The first question was answered eloquently in a post by […]

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Questions and Answers: Week 18 MKE

Questions and More Questions This week, I’ve asked myself some questions over and over. What would the person I intend to become do next? In trying to find answers to that question, more questions arise: What am I pretending not to know? Who is the person I intend to become? The entire Master Key experience is a […]

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hero's journey

Is Your Life a Hero’s Journey? MKE Week 17-2

This week in the MKMMA we were introduced to the idea of Life as a hero’s journey. After watching Mark’s impassioned video following the equally impassioned webinar, I was moved to look at the past 17 weeks with new eyes. Mark included an inspiring  example of one woman whose life was a true hero’s journey. It made me think […]

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Permission and Belief

Permission and Belief – MKE Week 17

Permission and Belief Two words – permission and belief – with so much power for inner growth and change! It’s hard to believe I have been part of the Master Key Experience for 17 weeks. Seems like yesterday when we all began this journey under the ‘no influence’ guidance of Mark and Davene. This week […]

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Kindness: Part One MKE Week 16

The Virtue of Kindness This week, we focus on kindness in our Franklin Makeover – random acts of kindness, deliberate acts of kindness, received acts of kindness and observed acts of kindness. Kindness is a virtue – a positive and enriching way of responding to others. It is expressed in many ways, and defined as the quality […]

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Franklin Makeover

The Franklin Makeover – Discipline in Week 15

Ever heard of the Franklin Makeover? No? I hadn’t either, until Mark explained it this week on the Sunday webinar. You can read more about it in Franklin’s autobiography. The Franklin Makeover Turns out Benjamin Franklin made a list of thirteen common qualities or moral virtues that people possess, along with definition of them. His […]

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persistence and perseverance

Persistence and Perseverance: Master Key Experience Week 14

What a wild three months since we began the Master Key Experience! With persistence and perseverance, we’ve committed to a DMP or Definite Main Purpose for our life, created a POA -plan of action to accomplish it, worked on a PMA or positive mental attitude to bring about positive changes,  and committed to daily actions to reinforce all of […]

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