bad habits good habits

Old Habits Die Hard: Week 8

I have to admit some days in this week have been a struggle for me. Old habits were rearing their ugly heads, and saying to me “Aw come on – do you really want to change me? Haven’t I been fun?” Or, as Jimmy Buffet sings, “I’ve got this bank of bad habits in a […]

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Power of Seven

The Power of Seven: Week 7

The Power of Seven is Love! The power of seven popped up throughout this week – 7 ways people learn, 7 Laws of the Mind, 7 Day Mental Diet, Master Key part 7. According to Numerology, Seven is the number of spirituality, of connecting inside to find your answers. It is a connection to nature […]

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Emerson on Compensation

Emerson’s Essay on Compensation: Week 6

So you’re having trouble reading Emerson’s Essay on Compensation? Me too. But this week I persevered, read it not once, but several times, highlighter in hand and notepad right beside me. I was determined it would not conquer me! And I’m so glad I did. In his long and often convoluted sentences and paragraphs that […]

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I can be what I will to be

Persistence and Belief: Week 5

“I can be what I will to be.” A simple phrase, but filled with amazing power and meaning once I repeated it with persistence and belief every day this past week. Who am “I”? If the “I” is not my body, and the “I” is not my mind, then “I” must be something that controls and […]

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Cultivating My Qi

Cultivating My Qi: Week 4

I tried a new pattern of meditating this week and loved the results. Part of my new routine – and my DMP –  integrates Qi Gong into my life on a daily basis. This slow moving and meditative practice of cultivating my qi caught my attention a few years ago. For the past 4 or 5 […]

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Meditating on Meditation: Week 3

Three weeks into the MKE, and the meditation or Sit, with all its challenges, has become one of my favourite parts of the day. I had never practiced meditation more that a few days at a time – somehow I just couldn’t find the discipline to enjoy it when there was always so much to […]

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guardian angel

Synchronous is my Word for Week 2

Quite a WOW this week, realizing how all we’re studying in the Master Key Experience is completely synchronous! Thanks, Mark and Davene; I know this is your deliberate intention but it really hit me this morning as I did my readings. It’s beginning to come together. On Monday I started out writing about the gatekeeper […]

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